Our all-fiber backbone provides connectivity to multiple datacenters across multiple countries, carrier switching points, financial centers, and cloud providers.







High-performance access and guaranteed traffic.

Ideal for companies that need stability and high availability for their data network, voice and diverse services such as access to e-mail, financial applications, web hosting, Voice over IP and others.

Benefits for your company:

• High performance

His company has 100% of the band contracted with high speed and low latency of communication with diverse types of content services.

• High Availability

Continuous and constant Internet service without interruptions guaranteeing the continuity of your business.

• Flexibility

The possibility of increasing the band contracted in just a few minutes in unexpected or unpredictable cases in situations of high volumetric data affecting the performance of the internet link without additional costs. The band change will be made available for a set amount of time.

• NOC Operations Center

Your company will be serviced 24 hours a day. Our operations center has a team of operators and analysts to support the 24x7x365 network.


Ideal for connecting your company's local networks through an exclusive line.

The NovvaMETRO service is used to interconnect two distinct points transparently and securely.


This service is offered in modalities:

LAN TO LAN Point to Point: Ideal for businesses that need to connect 2 offices safely and speedily.

LAN TO LAN Multipoint Point: Ideal for companies that need to connect the matrix unit with several offices within the same network (traffic occurs within the same VLAN for all company units) with security and low communication latency.

  • 99.997% backbone availability to ensure the continuity of your business

  • Product developed according to the requirements of MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum)

  • Choose the band you need from 1M up to 40G.

  • Band management used via the web.

IP Transit.png

Novvacore IP Transit Solution provides Internet providers, carriers, integrators and other enterprises with high reliability (SLA 99.97%) and fast scalability needed to expand network resources and capacity in line with your company's growth.


Novvacore's global backbone provides the most efficient and cost-effective IP transit route selection for any destination on the Internet. Utilizing technology built to achieve ultra-low latency and reliability, the solution offers customers a range of time, performance and cost benefits. In addition, IP Traffic gives companies the assurance of knowing that the best and most relevant routes to enter the Internet will be used in a compatible way at speeds from 50Mbps to 40Gbps.

  • Support for IPV4 and IPV6

  • Protection against DDoS attacks

  • Available ultra-low latency speeds and latency guarantee


Data solution that provides multipoint point connectivity through routing for your company to traffic data, voice and video with quality of service (QOS) and speed up to 10 Gbps.

  • L3 Routing.

  • Quick installation and expansion of the network.

  • Package prioritization.


Novavacore's NovvaDW solution is fiber-optic based and provides a dedicated bandwidth for leading data centers located in countries with Novvacore network presence.

  • Predictable latency

  • Low deployment cost

Dark Fiber.png

Novvacore offers a secure, scalable, high bandwidth fiber service based on its own fiber optic network.

  • The Novvacore network offers diversified and dedicated physical route options for your network infrastructure.

  • Safety net with ring.