Novvacore provides security solutions for your network infrastructure, ensuring the availability and reliability of the service.


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Denial of service (DDoS) attacks have become more common threats and are increasingly complex, requiring more protection than conventional mitigation techniques can offer.


Novvacore's DDoS InfraGuard solution ensures that your infrastructure remains operational and stable during denial-of-service attack scenarios by automatically detecting and mitigating attacks. The mitigation technology is owned by Novvacore and mitigates DDoS attacks in a hybrid way, using hardware present in the mitigation centers and also in clouds distributed in the United States.


  • Link with end-to-end physical connectivity (Novvacore Network with 2000 km / POP Novvacore / Last Mile)

  • Automatic detection and mitigation of attacks

  • Ultra Low Latency Mitigation

  • Mitigation capability up to 2TB

  • Physical connection Brazil / NY

  • Analytical Control Panel

Points of Presence

Novvacore has several points of presence in the main Data Centers of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York where the client can connect to have access to protection services. Are they:

  • São Paulo: Equinix SP1, Equinix SP2, Equinix SP3, Equinix SP4 and ODATA.

  • Rio de Janeiro: Teleport, Equinix RJ1

  • New York: Equinix NY5, 60 Hudson and 111.

  • Special Projects: For other regions Novvacore carries out connectivity projects delivering the solution through Last Mile.

Mitigation Centers

Novvacore's physical mitigation centers are strategically located in Brazil (São Paulo) and the United States (New York) physically interconnected.


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