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Dedicated Link is ideal for companies that need stability and high availability for their data network, voice and services as diverse as e-mail access, financial applications, website hosting, Voice over IP, and others.


• High performance
Ensure high productivity. Your company has 100% of the contracted bandwidth with high speed and low latency for communication with various types of content services.
• High Availability
We know business can't afford to stop. Our internet service is continuous and constant, without interruptions.


• Flexibility
Since unforeseen events could happen, count on the eventual increase in bandwidth, WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COST in cases of high data volume, for a determined period of time. It's simple, just contact support and the increase takes just a few minutes.


• NOC - Network Operations Center
24-hour service. Our operations center has a team of operators and analysts to support the 24x7x365 network.

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