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MPLS transport is ideal for interconnecting your company's local networks at different points in a transparent, secure way and through an exclusive line. In the modalities:

    1. LAN TO LAN Point-to-Point: for companies that need to connect 2 offices with security and speed.

    2. LAN TO LAN Multipoint: for companies that need to connect the matrix unit with several offices within the same network (the traffic occurs within the same VLAN for all units) with security and low communication latency.


• Availability in the backbone of 99.997% to ensure the continuity of your business.

• Product developed in accordance with the requirements of the MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum).

• Choose the band that needs 1M up to 40G.

• Bandwidth management used via web.

• NOC - Network Operations Center
24-hour service. Our operations center has a team of operators and analysts to support the 24x7x365 network.

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