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Realizar relato

Você pode escolher fazer um relato anônimo ou pode identificar-se.
A opção identificada é voltada para os casos em que o relator se disponibiliza a ser contatado para esclarecimento de possíveis dúvidas sobre o relato fornecido.
Relatos com identificação são muito importantes, pois podem fazer com que a apuração seja mais efetiva.
Lembramos que este é um canal seguro e confiável.

Você quer se identificar?

Please describe the situation that prompts you to use this channel. It is important that your report is complete and detailed. Don't forget to include in the description:

• What (description of the situation)

• Who (names of people involved, including witnesses)

• When (date when the situation happened, is happening, or will happen) • Where (location of the incident)

• Why (the cause or motive)

• How much (if it can be measured)

• Evidence (if they exist and where they can be found)

To track the progress of your report, please keep the protocol number provided after registering the occurrence.


We appreciate your initiative and trust in NOVVACORE.

Incident Data

Tipo do relato:

Employees, collaborators, or clients who report complaints or suggestions will not be identified under any circumstances. Anonymity and confidentiality will always be guaranteed, whether or not the reported complaints are confirmed.

No IP addresses of users' devices on the reporting channel are recorded, nor is there any form of tracking.

After the registration of a suggestion or complaint, it will be forwarded to the Company's Compliance department, consisting of senior executives of the organization in conjunction with the Compliance Officer, for analysis and investigation, even if they pertain to individuals in the highest echelons who, if the case, will be prohibited from participating in the process. This committee will be responsible for investigations, collecting evidence, and taking disciplinary measures deemed appropriate for penalizing conduct that violates its Compliance and Integrity Policy, in accordance with them.

All complaints and suggestions will receive a protocol number, through which the user can later, anonymously, supplement their registration, submit proof files, or follow their developments. This protocol number also allows the organization and the user to maintain a virtual and anonymous dialogue through questions and answers.

The Whistleblower DECLARES for all legal purposes that they are fully aware that the response to their complaint will remain available for up to 30 days from the date of the final response entered in the reporting channel.

The Whistleblower DECLARES for all legal purposes that NOVVACORE will not be compelled to republish the decision or deliver it physically or electronically, except by legal order.

Fill in the fields below as completely and detailed as possible. If you do not know or do not wish to fill in any of these fields, leave it blank. But remember: the more detailed your complaint, the greater the chances of identifying and solving the issue, enabling measures to be taken based on the analysis of your responses.


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