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Hello. We are Novvacore.

Who we are

NOVVACORE is a telecommunications operator specialized in high technology and people. Our business is to provide valuable connectivity and IT solutions, establishing true partnerships with clients who seek quality solutions and genuine support.

Our brand is inspired by the Supernova, a powerful source of energy that paves the way for transformation and growth. That's why we believe in superconnections—using technology to understand the needs and purposes of our clients, enabling them to expand and thrive through secure and fast routes. We aim for super networks that truly deliver.

We work with state-of-the-art technology solutions such as Private Cloud, Cyber Security, Colocation, Connectivity, and Telephony. These services are designed to operate securely and reliably, meeting a wide range of requirements.

Our History

We began our journey 36 years ago as a specialized division catering to the customer service needs of CMA, a Brazilian multinational founded in 1973. CMA specializes in developing high-tech solutions for the financial and commodities markets.

Recognizing the needs of its clients, particularly banks and brokerage firms, CMA identified the requirement for a comprehensive service—from brokerage terminals to the physical means of data provision. Thus, in 2004, CMA established CMA Redes to ensure financial institutions had the necessary availability and quality for their operations.

Over time, the quality of service provided to these demanding clients, coupled with praise and the migration of accesses from major operators to our network, led to the creation of a new company, initially named JRJS.

At that point, we already held ANATEL concessions to operate with data and voice, among other services. We then decided to further expand our operations by constructing our own fiber optic network, maintaining our commitment to high-quality and available services.

We have continued to evolve, integrating our network with all major Brazilian networks and extending services to the United States. Our underground fiber network in São Paulo, Barueri, and Santana de Parnaíba interconnects major data centers with modern infrastructure, high-availability connectivity, and low latency. We offer solutions in connectivity, cloud, colocation, telephony, and security.

We are present in key data centers in Latin America, the USA, and Europe, ensuring our presence and connectivity worldwide.

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