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We offer secure and dedicated internet access for companies seeking high speed and reliability in their connection, increasing the productivity of their employees and business operations. With guaranteed download and upload speeds and excellent connectivity to major content providers, the client enjoys a unique experience with the Dedicated Internet solution.


• High performance

Ensure high productivity. Your company has 100% of the contracted bandwidth with high speed and low latency for communication, with various types of content services. Speeds from 1Mbps to 10Gbps.

• High availability

We know your business can't afford to stop. Our internet service is continuous and constant, without interruptions.

• Flexibility

As unforeseen events happen, count on the occasional increase in bandwidth, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST in cases of large data volume, for a certain period. It's simple, just contact support, and the change takes only a few minutes.

• Management

Installation of a CPE device in your company that allows service management.

• Security

Protection against DDoS attacks.

• Network Operations Center (NOC)

24-hour service. Our operations center has a team of operators and analysts to support the network 24x7x365.

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